HP for Education

Trade in your school’s old desktops and tablets to make your IT budget go further.

Trade in your school’s old desktops, laptops and tablets and receive rewards to spend with HP and CC Communications. Choose how you want to spend your rewards from a range of HP products, software, consultancy, e-learning or training services.

HP for Education Trade in helps your IT budget go further by using the environmentally responsible recycling of your old equipment to fund the latest learning solutions to help your pupils realise their full potential.

How do HP Trade in Rewards work?

Purchase new HP equipment for your school.

Trade in your qualifying old devices to earn trade in rewards.

Redeem After placing funds into your wallet, you will be able to redeem your trade in rewards to contribute to the cost of products and services from HP and our specialist partners.

How can I spend my HP Trade in Rewards?

Your Wallet Trade in rewards are added to your HP for Education wallet.

Spending Rewards Visit the HP for Education Market Place to spend your wallet funds on products and services from HP specialist education partners.

Cash Rebates Alternatively, you can elect to receive your HP Trade in rewards wallet as a funds transfer to your school.

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Find out how what we can do for you by getting in touch. You can also call us on 0845 468 0968 or email us at enquiries@cc-communications.co.uk.