Education Learning Partnership

is a comprehensive programme of specially priced educational HP
technology, trade-in rewards, 1-2-1 learning, solutions and resources designed to
help your school improve measurable outcomes.

CC Communications are delighted to once again partner with HP, Intel and Microsoft to help your school get the most out of your IT budget. Trade in your school’s old desktops and tablets to make your IT budget go further.

Education Learning Partnership Trade-in helps your IT budget go further by using the environmentally responsible recycling of your old equipment to fund the latest learning solutions to help your pupils realise their full potential. Purchase a qualifying product and you can Trade-in your school’s old desktops, laptops and tablets and receive rewards to spend with HP and CC Communications. Choose how you want to spend your rewards from a range of HP products, software, consultancy, e-learning or training services.

How does it work?


Earn £100 per trade-in device which is paid directly to your bank account via BACS transfer which can then be re-invested back into other areas of your school.


Choose credit and you will receive £150 per trade-in device, one-third of which will be automatically paid to your Education Learning Partnership wallet to be spent in the Staffroom. You can select to move the remainder of your reward to the wallet or use it as Reseller Credit to be spent with CC Communications on further purchases for your school.

Qualifying Products

Education Learning Partnership qualifying products are Windows 10 student devices which are built for education, so they can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday student use.

Combined with Microsoft 365 ProPlus and a modern device, Windows 10 delivers personalised learning, saving teachers time, and putting students at the centre of their own education.


Arranged into four key pillars covering Curriculum, Infrastructure, Leadership & Management and Teaching & Learning the HP Staffroom is a specially curated selection of educational solutions and resources from Industry leaders in EdTech & STEM. Covering everything from teacher training to book subscriptions there is a host of widely priced resources to suit all budgets and class sizes; all geared towards integrating technology into the classroom.

HP Learnability

The HP Learnability programme is 1-2-1 ownership programme designed to bring the latest in Ed Tech to every student. This is the only programme of its kind which utilises a Trade-in element where teachers and parents can use the value of their unwanted tech devices to reduce the monthly cost of the new kit. Speak with one of our specialist education team to find out more.

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